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Pokemon Pikachu One Piece Union Suit Pajama

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Pokemon Pikachu One Piece Union Suit Pajama
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Description: Perfect for every Pokemon fan, this adult onesie pajama is both cozy and warm. Designed to make you look like Pikachu from head to toe, it has some really fantastic detail, including his lightning tail on the back and embroidered face with stuffed ears on the hood. Two pockets make this great for a quick trip to the store- just imagine the looks you'll get!

Item Number: ZU2QNKP

  • 100% polyester
  • Two Pockets
  • Machine Washable; Easy Care
  • Imported

Price :  $34.97


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X-Large 5 32284 ZU2QNKPXL   8

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Featured positive reviews:

Pokemon Pikachu One Piece Union Suit Pajama
Nice but thin
A bit thinner fabric than expected, especially since I bought the Charmander one for one son and the Pikachu for another - the Charmander was thicker and nicer than the Pikachu. That being said, it's still a very fun suit for a Pokémon fan, absolutely perfect in detail. Also, my sons are 16 and 18, and 6'3"+ and 5'9". This Pikachu in large can just fit the tall one though it's a bit tight, great for the shorter one.

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