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Oh la la… nothing says luxury like a satin robe!  New this week from WebUndies are two new robes for women, both featuring Disney favorites.  The Ariel robe is a lovely underwater blue and has the lovely mermaid princess with her friend Flounder and Sebastian, the voice of reason.  It is just so colorful! Our other new addition is a Mulan robe.  It almost looks like a kimono, with the pink sleeve edging and belt.  Personally, we love the cherry blossoms!  If you are looking for a special treat, why not slip into these luxuriously soft robes and cozy up for a movie night?


  1. Hello,

    I’m getting married in the summer 2016 . I wanted to buy my bridesmaids some Disney Satin Robe to use the day of the wedding. I was wondering if you guys by any chance would have any of the Disney princess available? I’ve looked everywhere and I have no luck finding any. I would love to buy them …please help!

    Thank you,

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