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Women's Underwear- Superheroes


Ever wish you were a superhero? Now, you can be! WebUndies.com has a great selection of superhero underwear for women. These sets will give you the superpowers you need to get through your day (depending on what powers you actually need to get through your days. We can’t actually guarantee superpowers!)


Whether you are looking to feel like Wonder Woman or Supergirl, we have the underwear to make you feel good. These collections are great for bed and definitely versatile enough to be worn around the house. Some of our collection even includes tops and bottoms to really give you the heroine feeling. Our underwear is machine washable and makes for a great gift for that special someone. Plus they are fun to wear! Don’t’ be surprised if you get asked to save a cat from a tree or flip a car or something. That’s what superheroes do, right?

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