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Love Those Tootsie Rolls Pink Panty
Love Those Tootsie Rolls Pink Panty Be the first one to write a review

Have a sweet tooth or just love those Tootsie Rolls? These cute panties are just perfect for you! Made from 95% cotton and 5% Spandex, they are comfortable and have just enough stretch. With a pink background and purple edging, the detail is fantastic. The panties are covered with hearts and Tootsie Roll candy, slightly distressed look. Junior cut.

We’ve tried to fit everything into its appropriate category, but just like that pesky top you can’t figure out where to put it in your closet, we’ve made a special section for “everything else.” This includes all kinds of underwear from Elmo panties to Orange County Chopper thongs. If you can’t find it on the rest of our site, we’re sure you’ll find it here. If not, let us know and we will try to find it!  We’ve got boy shorts, bikinis, thongs and hipsters, as well as tanks and tees.


If you’re into the Sesame Street gang, you’ll feel like it’s a “sunny day sweepin’ the clouds away” every time you throw a pair of Oscar the Grouch or Elmo panties on. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably seen Happy Bunny (who’s quite full of sarcasm) with taglines like “Nobody Suspects Me,” The World Needs Drama Queens” and “You Are Totally Perfect.” What’s better than finding your favorite pair of underwear? Finding it in a pack of multiples! Check out our women’s underwear that comes in those famous days of the week pairs. And we promise we won’t judge you if you wear Friday’s pair on a Tuesday, as long as they are clean!

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