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Order classic cartoon underwear for women at affordable prices. We know how those classic cartoons make you feel like a kid again! Whether you’re watching them with childhood friends or enjoying them with your own children, we know you still enjoy all of the memorable characters. If you’re too shy to show it on the outside, WebUndies.com carries a variety of women’s classic cartoon underwear that will have you reminiscing in seconds. Choose from bikinis, boy shorts and sexy thongs!


Characters like Felix the Cat, Woody the Woodpecker, Strawberry Shortcake, Pink Panther, and Lucy from Snoopy add a classic touch to an otherwise colorful, well-fitting panty! And you can stock up on your Felix the Cat and Pink Panther underwear since we offer some of our products in multi-packs. Funny phrases like “Keep your paws off” and “If everybody agreed with me, they’d all be right!” will have you (and whoever sees them) laughing.

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