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Women's Underwear- Betty Boop


As the top cartoon sex symbol between the 1930’s and today, Betty Boop is still around and her face is on everything from Christmas ornaments to underwear.


WebUndies.com has a large collection of loungewear and sleepwear featuring the icon as well as Betty Boop underwear and panties! Now she can be a part of your most intimate apparel... We have so many designs, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one, which is why you should purchase a variety!  We carry low rise panties, boy shorts and bikinis that are just as adorable as they are comfortable. Choose from panties that are white, black, pink and multi-colored. What makes them all similar is that they feature this beloved cartoon character. We even have matching bra and panty sets as well as lace-trimmed underwear if you’re feeling extra sexy! Order now for an excellent selection and while you’re at it, throw in some matching Betty Boop pajamas! 

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