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Holiday 2017 shipping

WebUndies can ship our fun products to virtually any address in the world. Read about our shipping options below.


Our merchandise is shipped from New Jersey, USA. Please choose the shipping method best suited for your package based upon shipping distances and timing.


Most orders are shipped within two business days to ensure speedy delivery of your package. Orders are NOT shipped on the day the order is placed.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation letting you know that your order is on its way. We are not responsible for delivery delays due to adverse weather conditions as determined by UPS and USPS.


Please note: Due to tax legislation enacted in South Dakota, we are no longer able to service customers in that state.


Regular Shipping Options

Standard Shipping
(available to US 50 states,US Territories & US Protectorates)


FREE to any address in the US!

Estimated delivery time 3 to 8 business days (Monday - Saturday) from ship date


APO/FPO - U.S. Postal Service FREE! Delivery time depends upon time taken by Military Postal Service, but generally take from 4 days to 2 weeks
Priority Mail Shipping
(available to US 50 states,US Territories & US Protectorates)

$8.00 per orders under $25 

$10.00 per orders from $25 to $50.00

$18.00 per orders from $50.00 to $200.00

Estimated delivery time is 1-4 days (Monday - Saturday)

Expedited Shipping Options

*Important Note: If shipping destination is within the 1-Day zone on the map, order will be shipped UPS Ground, regardless of the UPS method chosen in checkout. No refund will be given if this occurs. Please check the UPS Ground map below before selecting your shipping method.  




UPS 3 Day Select
(available to US 48 states)

$17.00 for orders under $50.00

$30.00 for orders under $200.00

$40.00 for orders over $200.00

Delivery within 3 business days (Monday - Friday) from ship date

UPS 2 Day Air
(available to US 50 states)

$20.00 for orders under $25.00

$25.00 for orders $25.00 to $50.00

$35.00 for orders under $200.00

$50.00 for orders over $200.00

Delivery within 2 business days from ship date (Monday - Friday)
UPS Next Day Air
(available to US 50 states)

$35.00 for orders under $25.00

$50.00 for orders under $50.00

$60.00 for orders under $200.00

$90.00 for orders over $200.00

Delivery the next UPS business day (Monday - Friday) from ship date

International Shipping Options

First Class International Mail

For orders under $25: $8.00 per order 

For orders of $25 up to $50.00: $12.00 per order

For orders of $50 up to $200: $15.00 per order

Estimated delivery time 7 to 12 business days from ship date depending on distance
(Canadian customs may impose an additional import duty)

International (other countries)
United States Postal Service First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International Shipping

Click here for details on Country Listing & Customs Information and info on US Territories/ Protectorates.

We also partner with for international shipping- please see our International Shipping Page for details on this option.

First Class Mail International:

$15.00 for orders under $25.00

$20.00 for orders of $25.00 to $50.00

$25.00 for orders of $50.00 to $200.00
Delivery 12-21 business days from ship date, depending on country

Priority Mail International: $48.00
Delivery 6-10 business days from ship date, depending on country see details on International shipping page


*We reserve the right to change the shipping to a higher class or faster service of shipping at our discretion. This includes upgrading from US Postal Service shipping to UPS shipping for purposes of tracking, insurance, and delivery confirmation.



Estimated shipping times for UPS Ground below from our facility in New Jersey




The above times are estimates only and are not guaranteed delivery times. Factors such as weather and holidays may affect delivery times.


Shipping rates effective from May 2, 2016


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