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Awesome (5/5) Feb 3, 2013 Brandon D Lewis Cambridge On CA
  I ordered these from Canada and they arrived within a week! I was not expecting that. Usually things take 2-3 weeks to ship. My girlfriend also loves them, especially the fact that the glow. They are true sizing too. The Medium size fits true medium.
Bat Bottoms (4/5) Dec 14, 2012 Caroline CA
  The fabric is great, the fabric paint they used for the designs is ok (but Im thinking that the slightly less than perfect quality could possibly have something to do with the fact that it has glowing properties, hehe).

The one with the belt is only on the front, would have been nice if it wrapped all the way around.

Comes in a nice little DC cardboard package. Fit is fairly accurate, maybe just a smidgen on the larger side then what I was expecting but one round in a dryer will probably shrink them enough to be perfect :)

Havent played around with the glowing bits too much, but it seems pretty standard - glows green-ish for a few minutes untill it fades away.

Overall a fun novelty set to have for any fan of Batman!
Na na na na Bat undiessss (5/5) Aug 20, 2013 Anonymous
  As describle and exactly like the picture

DC Comics Batgirl Panty 3 P...