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Days of the week string bikini panty pack (5/5) May 25, 2013 Anonymous
  Great product, super happy with them. Timely delivery. Be aware though theres a customs charge on top of the purchase price.
o so fab (5/5) Aug 31, 2012 Swishy ou
  Just adore these panties!:-)! Just cheeky enough to reveal my ASSets butt contain my virtue;)? Take me back to the days when i used to "borrow" my sisters but now i dont feel like im a day ahead.
so cute (5/5) Jan 21, 2012 Barry Grand Rapids Mi US
  These panties are very comfy, but pretty cheeky.
day of the week panties (5/5) Apr 5, 2011 Kimberly D. Pride Tampa Fl US
  They are Great, when I take my bath today, i will put on tuesday panties, because today is tuesday. Thanks so much for sending them to me, I really appreciate it.

Days of the week string bik...