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Superman undies (4/5) Dec 10, 2011 Anonymous
  These are pretty cool, they aren't as briefy as I thought boxer briefs should be but they are still neat!
Guitars All-Over Big and Tall Boxers (6X) (5/5) Jun 11, 2011 D Reeves Clayton Ca US
  Nice, sizing seemed just a little smaller then counterpart 6x
Perfect! (5/5) Feb 11, 2012 Danielle On CA
  Hubby has wanted a pair of Superman undies since Underoos stopped making them!
The quality of the fabric is excellent...they fit perfectly...well worth every penny!
Superman underwear (5/5) Dec 27, 2012 Mary Blackford Lodi CA US
  Bright, bold colors and good quality fabric and construction! These were a hit!
Perfect (5/5) Sep 23, 2012 R&R mooreland Bloomington In US
  I order 2 pair for me and my son. We love to wear them, Best price around thanks
Superman briefs (5/5) Jul 18, 2012 Stacie Gaithersburg MD US
  Ditto to Danielle's 2/11/12 review: Perfect! [etc.]
dc comic under where (5/5) Mar 1, 2013 Yehuda Grodko Monsey NY
  Got it for a costume was great!

DC Comics - Superman Man of...