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Playboy Royal Blue Lounge pant (5/5) Jan 8, 2013 Brandy Grote Granada Hills Ca US
  First I have to say, shipping was EXTREMELY fast in the post-Christmas week!

Second, the color of these pants is indeed as vibrant as it appears here. The blue is brilliant, and the black dark. The fabric is soft but doesnt look like flannel. I havent yet washed them, so well see how they hold up.

Fit was good - Of course, an elastic drawstring is pretty forgiving. If youre the type to grow and shrink around the middle, these will remain comfy. Length is average. (Ill have to hem them up for him, but he has a 26 inseam!)

Not a bad experience at all, I will DEFINITELY buy from this site again!

Playboy Royal Blue Rabbit L...