Superman / SuperGirl Fleece Onesie Footie Pajama with Cape review by Scott Thomure

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Sleep like a Hero (5/5) Aug 27, 2012 Scott Thomure Florissant MO US
  These are great! I bought them to keep warm in the winter and have fun in the meantime. They're lots fun to run around in or just wear around the house. They've just been redesigned and it seems to have been a pretty good decision. The removable feet are a cool feature since footed pajamas can fit weird depending on your shoe size. The cape is a little shorter in this new version, but I suspect that is to keep you from sitting on it. These are definitely a must if you are a superhero fans and want some fun, very comfortable winter pajamas, unless you're more of a batman fan, but they have those too!

Superman / SuperGirl Fleece...