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Return Labels


Need to make a return or exchange an item?  Get started here! 

Any orders shipping to or from the US and placed directly through WebUndies

now enjoy FREE return shipping, when you use our mailing labels.  


 To get started, click here!

 Create a return mailing label

 When you are done entering the information, you can print the label or send it to an email address for printing later.  That's it.  Super easy!


Limit of one free label per order, including use for exchanges. A second label, if used for a later return, will result in a deduction of $6.00 from the return total.



Orders placed through other sites (think Amazon, Rakuten or Walmart) will have $7.50 deducted from their return when this label is used. International orders cannot use these labels yet, but we are working on it!

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