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Men's Underwear- Skulls & Skeletons


Skulls are rich in symbolism among most cultures, and are popular with men and women everywhere as a symbol of power and masculinity. Our catalog features one of the largest selections of skull underwear you'll find anywhere, including Paul Frank® specialty designs. Whether you're choosing from a classic biker design, one of our featured Paul Frank designs, or a pair of our humorous skull boxers, you'll be pleased with the quality and fit of the products we offer.

If you're looking for something a bit more lighthearted, opt for one of our humorous pairs of men's underwear. Skulls are printed along with clever puns and jokes, such as our “Skeleton in the Closet” boxers, which feature the head and body of a skeleton, and read “I'm the Skeleton” on the front, and “In Your Girlfriend's Closet” on the rear. Just make sure that special lady doesn’t keep them.

Each pair of our boxers is machine washable and features a covered waistband for easy care. These durable skull boxer shorts are designed to hold up for long wear, and are easy to care for and maintain. If you prefer briefs to boxers, we also offer a variety of skull printed briefs, with the same easy care features.


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