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Men's Underwear- Playboy & Hustler- INACTIVE


Show off your love of bedroom activities with a sexy pair of Playboy boxer shorts or Playboy briefs. WebUndies.com features a full line of licensed Playboy and Hustler apparel that's sure to impress the ladies, including attractive silk Playboy boxers and satin thongs.  These sensual fabrics are perfect for romance, and are popular gift options, as well.

If you prefer to showcase your sense of humor, opt for a set of Playboy boxers or Hustler boxers. We have a wide variety of sexy styles and patterns, including our “I heart sex” boxers and our “Make You a Star” boxers featuring a video camera print and the Hustler logo. These amusing boxers are sure to be a hit with your friends, getting you the attention you deserve both in and out of the bedroom.

If boxers aren't your style, opt for a set of Playboy briefs instead, such as our classic black briefs featuring the Playboy bunny logo. You can choose from black or red accents, depending on your color preferences. Or, opt for Playboy boxer briefs instead, for a comfortable and supportive fit.


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