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Men's Underwear- Food & Snacks

We also have fun Food and Snacks Loungewear Products for Men!


Do you love snacks as much as we do? If you do, then check out collection of food boxers including Pillsbury doughboy boxers and M&M boxers. These food and snack undies are sure to have you feeling extra doughy. No matter your favorite foods, we’ve got you covered, literally. Where else can you get Pillsbury boxers, bacon boxers, Hershey’s boxers, cheese, M&Ms and Tabasco boxers all in one place? Come to think of it, that sounds like a horrible stomachache waiting to happen! While we can’t recommend eating all of those foods at the same time, we can recommend picking up some boxer shorts for each of those foods.


Our wide variety of food and snack themed boxers probably won’t fill you up – they actually might even make you hungrier! That’s okay, isn’t it? Be sure to check out our selection and if you don’t find what you are looking for, come back soon as we’re constantly updating our products to keep up with the latest and greatest trends.

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