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Men's Underwear- Classic Cartoons

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Cartoon briefs for men are a creative way to demonstrate your fun loving nature. Whether you opt for classic cartoon boxer shorts or cartoon briefs for men, you can demonstrate your love for your favorite animated characters, while showing that you’re just a big kid at heart. Cartoon print underwear doesn’t just have to be for kids - grown men love animation, too, and you can show off your favorite characters in style. We have something for every classic cartoon fan, with prints ranging from comic book designs to humorous slogans featuring your favorite cartoon characters.


Whether you opt for one of our many styles of Smurf boxers, printed with a variety of funny slogans, sayings, and innuendos, or decide on something different, we know you’ll love the quality and fit of our underwear. WebUndies.com offers many fun designs, such as Popeye boxers, Pink Panther undies, or He-Man boxers, and you’re sure to enjoy the attention these whimsical undies garner from the lady (or ladies) in your life. Creative, original underwear stands out in the crowd, so why settle for the same old flannel stripes and plaids? Instead, choose a pair of classic cartoon boxer shorts that are sure to draw attention and make you feel like a kid again.

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