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Men's Underwear- Americana

Fun Americana Loungewear Products for Men are also available!


Let your American spirit show (or not show) with flag boxers from WebUndies.com. Our site offers a wide variety of patriotic boxers and briefs, ranging from simple American flag designs to more elaborately printed money boxers. Whether you pick a plain flag print or a pair of shorts featuring a patriotic wildlife theme, such as flags with fish or deer in the background, you'll love the fit and quality of our unique boxer shorts. If boxers aren't your style, opt for a pair of comfy American flag boxer briefs instead, for comfort and fit that can't be beat.

To add a smile to your day, opt for a pair of Jersey Shore flag boxers that will cover your “situation” or a humorous print such as our “Pride Inside” design, with the slogan printed on the fly. Our rebel flag boxers, police duty belt boxers, and other masculine designs are also very popular designs.  Or, for a more casual appeal, choose boxers that are designed to look like your favorite pair of worn out blue jeans. Shop WebUndies.com and show your pride and patriotism with American flag boxers today.

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