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Batman underwear isn’t just for kids anymore! With our unique collection of superhero lounge pants and underwear, you can relax in style while showing off your love for your favorite comic book heroes. From Superman to Batman, you can enjoy your beloved cartoons or modern movie remakes while relaxing in your pajamas. To complete the look, pair your Batman lounge pants with a classic bat logo t-shirt or a flaming bat logo shirt, and you're set for a weekend of movie watching, gaming, or curling up with your favorite geekette.

Our line of superhero pajama pants for men features a wide variety of DC and Marvel characters, like Iron Man, Green Lantern and Captain America. Whether you opt for Batman lounge pants, Spiderman lounge pants, or choose one of our novelty prints that feature multiple characters, you'll be pleased with the high quality fabric and easy fit our pants offer. If you can't choose just one character, opt for one of our multi-patterned pant options instead, such as our Marvel comics lounge pants, printed with a variety of famous character logos, or our DC Comics lounge pants. You’ll feel like you’re five years old again…except you’re…not.

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