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Men's Loungewear- Classic Cartoons

We also have fun Men’s Classic Cartoons Underwear Products & Women's Classic Cartoons Loungewear!


If you're a fun loving guy and want to showcase your personality, your pajamas are a great way to do so. Sure, you could just sleep in your boxers and a t-shirt, but where's the fun in that? Instead, opt for a pair (or two) of the fun men's cartoon lounge pants at WebUndies.com. We've got a little something for every cartoon fan – whether you prefer comic books, classic cartoons, or more modern animation. The relaxed fit and cozy fabric helps keep you warm and comfortable in cool weather, while allowing you a bit of modesty if you need to walk about your dorm, answer the phone, or walk to the door to greet the food delivery guy (lazybones!).

Our cartoon lounge pants are available in a wide range of prints and sizes, and we feature hard-to-find items such as Smurf lounge pants, Pink Panther pants, Looney Toons , and pants that feature Popeye. These animated characters are sure to brighten up your morning, afternoon, or evening – making it even more fun to spend the day lounging around in bed or on the couch. Just make sure if she “borrows” them, they don’t end up in her closet.

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