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Emoji Favorites Pajama

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Emoji Favorites Pajama

This product has not been reviewed yet! | 

Description: Aside from the poop emoji, these pajamas have all of the emojis boys love to use! From pizza and the ghost to the Eew... face, we have them all covered. Pants are a jogger style bottom, with a wide band at the ankle and waist. Sure to please the texter in your house! 100% flame-resistant polyester.

Item Number: K183302EM

  • 100% polyester
  • Machine Washable
  • Imported

Price :  $23.00


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6/7 2 37329 K183302EM67A  
8 14 37330 K183302EM8M  
4/5 2 37331 K183302EM45A  

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This product has not been reviewed yet! | 

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