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What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…superhero pajamas brought to you by WebUndies.com. These machine washable superhero pajamas for boys are sure to be a great hit with your kids. There have even been several reportings of boys gaining super powers when wearing these pajamas to bed. Hopefully, these powers include the ability to go to bed on time and stay there. And don’t worry mom, you’ll always have more powers!


These pajamas are fun to wear, comfortable, and are sure to let your child’s personality shine! Whether your child is a Spiderman fan, Superman fan, or even a Batman fan, we carry a wide assortment of superhero pajamas. Choose from pajama sets in boxers and tees or long sleeve shirts and lounge pants. We also carry three-pack briefs or boxers, plush robes, footed pajamas, and much more. Your little superhero will be set for bedtime! Feel free to check out the collection and don’t worry - no villains are allowed on our website.

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