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Assorted Boxers for Men

Description: What am I going to get? The assorted boxers come from many of our great styles, but we no longer have complete size runs. We offer them to you at a super discounted price! We are sure you will not be disappointed by the fun styles you will receive. Planning a Boxer Bingo or Bowling for Boxers event? Please let us know if the event is for a specific age group and we can make sure you get appropriate styles. Random patterns selected for all non-bulk orders.

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine Washable; Easy Care
  • Imported

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Price :  $13.50

OnSale :  $5.25



Large (36-38) 4 227 WUBOXASRTL   100
Medium (32-34) 3 228 WUBOXASRTM   65
Small (28-30) 2 229 WUBOXASRTS   109
X-Large (40-42) 5 230 WUBOXASRTX   213
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Assorted Boxers for Men


Assorted Boxers for Men
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Assorted Boxers for Men
Playstayion 2 - Snoopy vs. The Red Baron Lounge Pants - XL
This is the second pair that I have purchased for my autistic teenager. He insists on only wearing lounge pants at home and he loved this particular design. The first lasted for quite some time. They made it through many washings and a lot of wear before he finally managed to get a good sized hole in them that could not be repared (most likely beginning with picking at a thread or one tiny little flaw that you or I could not see...he does this often). So I certainly hope you keep this style in stock for awhile. You would never go out of business with my son alone if you had iCarly, Big Time Rush, King Of The Hill, & any type of train lounging pant. Haha. Thank you!

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