Around these parts, anyone with a 5-8 year old boy is likely to know a LOT about Lego’s Ninjago series of toys and animated shows.  We were saddened to hear that Lego will be discontinuing the series later this year, to make way for Chima and all of the related marketing opportunities.  (As a side note, all of our boys described Chima as lame or dumb when asked!).

Ever since we started carrying Ninjago pajamas and underwear packs for boys in early 2012, they have been flying out the door.  You can see our current offering here: Ninjago PJ & Undies.  We have already secured our sons’ favorites before they are gone forever.  Our last shipment comes in June and then, sadly, we will sell out never to restock.  So… if you have a fan of Ninjago in your house, now is the time to get them PJs and undies!  Ninja….GO!