Just in today… the new WebUndies.com iPad catalog is ready for you!  We have worked hard over the years to develop a broad range of products.  So many can be worn as cozy pajamas and for Halloween.  Why spend $40, $50, $60 on a costume that goes in the closet until you throw it out?  Spend less and have fun pajamas to last through the winter and beyond!

Our new iPad catalog is ready… this one is dedicated to Halloween ideas!  Get swiping!


Check out this article from Catalogs.com, inspired by our products. You can buy our fun PJs to use as a Halloween costume and wear them all year!


Pajama_program_web  Pictured from left to right: Gene Marino, Gerri and Denise

This week, WebUndies.com donated over 500 pairs of pajamas to a wonderful organization, Pajama Program.  Two of the WebUndies.com owners, Gene and Ruth Marino made the trip to Red bank, New Jersey with a car full of boxes!  They are pictured above with Gerri & Denise, of the New Jersey chapter of the Pajama Program.

WebUndies.com has experienced fantastic growth over the last 14 years and we are in the process of expanding our warehouse & fulfillment space (again).  Rather than relocate all of our products, our partners pored over the list of products and selected items for donation.  The big question was who should be on the receiving end.  Terri Hunsinger, also a partner at WebUndies.com, had been following the Pajama Program’s efforts for several years and felt the organization was a great fit.

According to the official Pajama Program purpose, Pajama Program provides new pajamas and new books to children in need, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted. These children live in various situations including group homes, shelters and temporary housing facilities and are shuffled often from one place to another. Many of them have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Most of these children have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a mother or father tuck them in at bedtime with warm, clean pajamas and a bedtime story.  How could we resist?

Ruth-and-Gene-Marino_PP Pictured are Ruth Marino & Gene Marino at the Pajama Program NJ office

In our last blog post, we posted a link to all of the fun Superman underwear we carry for men.  But what about the ladies?  The kids?  Anyone who has browsed our site knows that WebUndies has a big selection of products for every member of your household, and superhero stuff is no different.

WebUndies.com Superman & SuperGirl pajamas & Undies

Using the link above, you can see all 40+ products we have that feature the Man of Steel and his lady counterpart.  Use our fantastic search to narrow down the choices by item type, size, gender and more.  Just want girls’ pajamas or underwear for boys?  No problem… it’s just a click away.  Not just in blue and red, girls and ladies have pink, purple and black to choose from as well.  our personal favorite for woman?  SuperGirl panties- no one knows it, but you can feel like a superhero all day!


Since we opened our web site for business in 1999, we have been selling Superman underwear to men around the world.  What man could resist the feeling of being the Man of Steel? Underoos were popular way back when and we are all kids at heart when it comes to undies.

Over the years, we have added Superman briefs and boxer briefs, for the non-boxer guys, as well as some really comfy lounge pants.  DC Comics is great at merchandising and the selection is fantastic!  The biggest superhero seller in 2012?  Our Superman footed pajama for adults- complete with a cape!  They are out of stock right now, but we are getting them in soon!  Stay tuned- aside from pajamas, they make a great Halloween costume.  Finally, for the ultimate lounger, we have Superman robes for men.  Plush or fleece, you just cannot go wrong.  They wash well, don’t fade and send the message that you think he is Super!

The one thing you can always count on from WebUndies.com is our quality.  Every Superman item we sell (all of our products, actually) are officially licensed items.  No cheap knockoffs here!  Our products are also handled with care and inspected before they are shipped- not like buying it in a store when it has been handled by who-knows-how-many shoppers.

For a complete view of ALL the Superman products sold by WebUndies, click this link:

Men’s Superman Underwear and Loungewear

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