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Spray Paint Skulls Fleece Lounge Pants

Description: Whether you are into pirates or just like the tough look of the skull and crossbones, you willl ove to lounge in these soft fleece pants! With a blue and black background, they are covered in various sizes of skulls in blue, tan and gray. Look tough, feel pampered! Machine washable with button fly, covered drawstring and elastic waistband, as well as side pockets.

  • 100% polyester fleece
  • Button fly; Covered waistband; Adjustable drawstring tie; Two Pockets
  • Machine Washable
  • Imported

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Price :  $20.00

OnSale :  $15.00



Medium 3 24251 FBLP105M   2
Small 2 24252 FBLP105S   1
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Fun Boxers

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Spray Paint Skulls Fleece Lounge Pants


Spray Paint Skulls Fleece Lounge Pants
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Spray Paint Skulls Fleece Lounge Pants
Comfy and Awesome
Every year, I buy my son a new pair of 'comfy' pants from WebUndies to wear on Christmas Eve night, and in 4 years I have yet to be disappointed. The pattern on this pair is really cool, the fit is loose without being baggy, and they are, apparently, incredibly warm. I do generally buy a size 'up'- he's typically a medium but we get these pants in Large and they fit perfectly.

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