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Transformers - Megatron Black Briefs

Transformers - Megatron Black Briefs
most comfortable06/12/2015
By wayne
My wife a few years ago bought this style of brief for me as a joke. Well as you can see the joke is on her these style of brief are the most comfort fit I've ever experienced they feel like you are not wearing anything. So in my opinion this is the style to make. And i like the fact that you have more than one Logo to choose from.
Transformers - Megatron Black Briefs
By Gary Visser
Wow, I like these, now that ive actually got them, can honestly say, bring on more!
Transformers - Megatron Black Briefs
flawed product11/09/2011
By a customer
The main problem with these briefs is that not enough material was used in the front to the sides. A pouch could have been added as well, but it wasn't. These definitely aren't good for wearing throughout the day, because they constantly have to be adjusted. The whole point in underwear is being able to wear it throughout the day without having to adjust it. Briefly Stated, the manufacturer of these briefs did a good job with the graphics used on the briefs and the softness of the material, but not with the shape. There are plenty of men's briefs out there that fit just fine, so I'm surprised Briefly Stated didn't use designs similar to those. If Briefly Stated manufactures an improved version of these briefs, I'll buy them. I'd however highly recommend saving your money and not buying these.
Transformers - Megatron Black Briefs
By Eric Darden
Awesome it is what sums these briefs up! I love them so much! Great fit! Fun to lounge in!
Transformers - Megatron Black Briefs Transformers - Megatron Black Briefs Price: $13.50 On Sale! $10.00
Are you a fan of the Transformers movies? These 95% cotton/ 5% spandex briefs for men feature Megatron in black and white. The waistband has trademark 'More Than Meets The Eye!' Transformers lettering.